We are grateful to be able to provide practical guidance for those face with a dying loved one those who have just suffered a significant loss.

There is no place you can go for all the answers, but here you can get the benefit of one of America’s top hospital chaplains insights and experiences that can help you deal with some of the more immediate and pressing issues for people newly dealing with death, dying, loss and grief.

We are still developing, adding to and building upon the resources. So do come back and visit. But while you are here, take time to download some of the eGuides, and if you know someone who could benefit from these, pass them along or send them a link.

We will be adding, in time, some additional levels for those who wish to help others deal with the death of loved ones either just as family and friend as well as a helper—social worker, minister or lay preacher, school counselor or other. These will be more in-depth and provide training that can really make a difference in people’s lives.

Until then, stay well, and let us know how you used this knowledge, how it helped you, or what else you would like to see.

Oh, and one of Chaplain Marilyn’s favorite ways to work with people in hospice is through connection—and music can provide that in such wonderful ways.

Slowly I am putting together both my songs and many beautiful tradition hymns. Please allow me to share them with you at: www.TheSingingChaplain.com

Chaplain Marilyn & Dr. Karen